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Our elephant and rhino tusk/horns are gotten from government institutions in the following countries: Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa which were given approved by cites to trade a certain quantity of tusk. All the tusk we have in stock are properties seized by the government from illegal poachers and traffickers of this tusk.
This countries were specially approved by cites organization¬† so they could use the funds gotten from the ivory seized from the illegal dealers ¬†to improve their LEDC growing economy and also their per capita income or living standards, part of the funds gotten from this trade are given to the organizations who fight against poaching of this species, Some of the rhino horns are gotten from the John Hume’s rhino farm. tusk are All our sale are been backed up and approved by the South African government/Department of forestry and wildlife affairs to read more information click on the link below
who is john humes? follow the link to know more about him


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